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Home Automation
Home Automation is having things programmed around your home happen to work automatically. In most homes today, you can easily find some simple forms of automation eg. Remote Controls, Motion activated lights, Security systems ,Programmable thermostats ,Programmable light timers If you want to keep going, you can throw in dishwasher, clothes washers and dryers, ovens, microwaves, cars, lights and switches…. The list goes on and on. The term 'Home Automation' today applies to the next level of automating home electronics.

Why automate your home?
The simple answer is just to make life easier. We invented TV remote controls so we didn't have to get out of the chair to change the channel. Similarly home automation helps program basic activities without having to make the effort to get it done. We all would love to Press one button on a remote control and have it dim the lights, set the volume level, and start playing a movie and music which you desire. Get emails sent to you with the caller ID information of a call received at your house when out. Automatically turn the lights on in the house when the garage door goes up and it's after sundown. Automatically turn the front porch lights on 1/2 hour before sundown every day (and automatically adjust for daylight savings). Automatically close the garage doors every night. Automatically turn on holiday lights at specific times (all at once). The full list is limited to imagination and a family's lifestyle.

Video Door Phones
Video Door Phones With increasing crime rates in metro cities, installation of Video Door Phones has become all the more essential. Its easy to identify the person behind the door and is especially useful for senior citizens and people who stay back alone at home including children. The intelligent video door phone system ensures the best security system for home by the facility of tenant communication. The owner of the house can get in contact with the visitor with the help of video door phone. Any apartment can be connected with the guard room phone so that visitors can contact with the owner through phone and the video image of visitor will be also available to the owner.
With this the owner himself will confirm the entry of the guest.

Major Brands: Alba, Honeywell

Intercom systems

Apartment Intercom

If you are looking to install a new intercom system in your building our professional intercom technicians will be happy to help.

A console based system, has one or more PC Consoles, communicating with any number of endpoints. Different software is needed to run a single-consolesystem versus a multi-console system.

Home Automation Single-console systems can be implemented using a Software that comes free with the purchase of any intercom or paging unit. A single-console systems utilizes a PC running the Software to communicate with IP Intercom/Paging Endpoints. This is a "virtual" star configuration, where all endpoints (intercoms or paging units) report to the console. The console can communicate with any endpoint using the PC's speaker and microphone. Using the Software GUI (Graphical User Interface), the console operator can initiate or receive calls to/from endpoints. The operator is notified of waiting calls, and customized "please wait" messages can be created for calls waiting in queue. The console operator may also select groups of intercoms and paging units to broadcast a message (for paging or public address). The Software can be loaded on any number of PC's, so the Console can move from one PC to another. In addition, a "warm-standby" can be configured, so that console control can be passed back and forth between two PC's with ease.

Home Appliances Multi-console systems require the purchase and installation of Advance Enterprise software.

Home Appliances This advanced software allows for multiple, simultaneously active consoles. A server is required to host the Enterprise Software Application. This system features real-time call handling, using rules-based queue management. Intercom queues are groups of intercoms that may be assigned to human console operators acting in management teams. To assure service quality, the Software incorporates a powerful set of rules-based controls to handle incoming call counts, waiting time in queue and call priorities. By applying these rules, the Software Administrator is able to establish call response hierarchies for virtually any organizational requirement.

Major Brands: Matrix, Advantage.
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