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IP/CCTV Camera
IInfrasol specializes in Installation of Security Cameras. We understand that Security Cameras are prime monitoring tools and critical for maintaining safety of Business premises today. Our Surveillance team is well adapted to understand the Customer’s need for monitoring. We suggest the most appropriate solution after taking into consideration and studying exhaustively the Customer’s business set-up and infrastructure.

CCTV along with Digital video Recorders [DVRs] provide recording utility of particular event. Decentralized IP based CCTV cameras can be attached with high powered mega pixels sensors which support recording directly to network attached storage. Security cameras have evolved into high-tech digital devices with multi tasking capacity and features that are really outstanding.

Remote surveillance is the latest systems that allow people to have remote access to view their cameras from any location of the world with the use of Internet. With the assist of this modern technology one person can view live video and also get back earlier recorded video recording for examination if required. Remote surveillance can be done by installing a Network Video Recorder known as NVR to security cameras that allow transmitting footage through the internet. Though, there are Internet Protocol (which is normally called as IP address) based security cameras existing in the market that automate remote surveillance and viewing of live footage captured from multiple cameras.

A high demand sub category in CCTV surveillance system is IP Cameras. IP cameras are quite useful for home owners and businesses to view their cameras through internet connection available through Personal computer or 3G Cell Phones.

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Whether it is a Plant or a Factory, Commercial office spaces or Supermarkets and Malls, or even individual shops and establishments, CCTV Camera is a must at every premise.

We can provide you with a wide range of options in Cameras with various Pan, tilt, zoom, night vision, bullet cameras etc. To know more about the right Camera option for your premises,
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Major Brands: Hikvision, CP-PLUS, LG, Panasonic IP Cameras, Honeywell

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