Large enterprises are creating elastic IT infrastructure with private cloud solution to have flexibility and scalability. Iinfrasol Services has been effectively providing solutions with technology partners who are leaders in this space.

Our Partnership

As Consulting Partners we are professional services Company, we helped customers  in all types and sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud.

These professional services include system integrators, strategic consultancies, agencies, managed service providers (MSPs), and value-added resellers


If you’ve built your business on Microsoft, don’t worry. Our specialists work alongside your IT team to build a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud solution on the most advanced, fully managed infrastructure available. As an AWS Advance consulting, we help you easily manage your Windows server-based applications on the cloud, while providing the best Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies for the speed and flexibility to develop and deploy faster than ever. Cloud Migration

Cloud Endure can be used to migrate your on premises workload or different public cloud. At Iinfrasol Services we first dive into the on premises machine and delete unnecessary file and do cost optimization, then plan migration of machine.

Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service is used to migrate source database of any type to destination on cloud be MySQL, Postgre SQL, MS SQL, Aurora SQL, Oracle Relational Database Service. Also when it comes to Non-relational database services offered by AWS to name few Dynamo DB, MongoDB, Document DB, Managed Cassandra and Redshift.


Today’s fast changing world, demand IT industry to deliver the solution at fast pace. Hence the Code Pipeline, Code Build, Code Commit services can be used to build the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery model to match the market pace.

Website and Applications

Drive large or small E commerce Website or Application On EC2 or Light sail with our Highly secure and Scalable in AWS

Docker/ Container

Docker is a software platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy applications quickly. Docker packages software into standardized units called Containers that have everything the software needs to run including libraries, system tools, code, and runtime. Using Docker, you can quickly deploy and scale applications into any environment and know your code will run. Services like ECS, EKS, or Automated Services like Fargate

Content Delivery Network

Cloud front can be used to reduce the latency by caching your data on multiple edge locations across the world. And the same can be restricted based on Geo location.


Using Simple Storage Service, customer can archive the data by using S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier deep archive

Backup and Restore

Usually, backing up of the data can be tedious on premises, managing tapes and etc. However with AWS Backup service one can back up the Virtual Machines at schedule interval and without managing the tapes