We are committed to delivering functionally working, connected, integrated, extended and federated architectures on a modular unified communication fabric delivering on the promise of improved communications and collaboration within and outside the enterprise.

We bring you a Unified Communications and collaboration experience putting together varied technologies from Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, and many more. Our tightly integrated best of breed applications and end devices on an open standard enterprise collaboration architecture powered by SIP enable seamless connectivity to business applications. Iinfrasol Services has empowered enterprises across verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government and Public Sector Units, IT and ITES for more than 14 years with effective and relevant communication and collaboration platforms. With its industry vertical consultants, Iinfrasol Services has the unique advantage of being able to consult, deliberate, design and deliver architectures and frameworks translating into much better ROI and TCO.

Iinfrasol Services core strength lies in the delivery of:

Seamless integration of disparate application and communication devices and networks into a unified platform as a service.

Robust interfaces from the core communication engine on SIP with messaging, audio and video conferencing, telephony and contacts, presence and instant messaging connectors

Seamless integration to add value along with third party business applications from other players like Microsoft and IBM

A completely flexible and secure platform offering greater responsiveness with real-time and non-real-time communications from anywhere

Increased effectiveness with expanded communications capability

Real-time interaction through video collaboration, helping in faster decision making, increased productivity, multi-location reach and definite competitive edge

Networks is committed to power interfaces with open standards architecture on SIP. SIP enables innovation by developers, communications service providers and solutions Networks) to define and deliver… Iinfrasol Services is committed to power interfaces with open standards architecture on SIP. SIP enables innovation by developers, communications service providers and solutions integrators (like Iinfrasol Services) to define and deliver…

  • Interchangeability of multiple communication modes

At a single click, your users can choose to communicate with others via instant messaging, email, telephony or desktop video. “Follow Me” communication routing also means that the end users no longer need to know all of a correspondent’s contact details as the communication is automatically routed to the device to which he is connected via the preferred communication application. SIP and the related Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and SIMPLE (Sales Initiatives, Marketing Practices and Leadership Excellence) are protocols that enable a single user interface to interchangeably access any of these communication modes.

  • Availability of capabilities across a wide range of devices

End users can access communication applications from multiple devices like desk phones, mobile phones, laptops and even tablets. This can be done through the creation of a portable user interface that accesses the SIP call control uniformly. Standards also enable communication applications to access useful corporate systems like the corporate enterprise global address book for identity and routing information or personal information.

  • Integration with business applications

End users can integrate communication components directly into the enterprise applications when the application program interfaces are defined, well understood and adhered to. These communications then speed up workflow and facilitate decision-making. For example, instant messaging embedded into sales force automation application enables instant pricing approvals and accelerates the close of the sale. A manufacturing firm might use out of-tolerance readings from the telemetry on its manufacturing to initiate an audio conference call with all stakeholders.

  • Federation of communication across the extended enterprise

Functionality is not only unified within the enterprise but is also extended outside the enterprise in a federated model that increases the value of ROI of an UC deployment.