IINFRASOL SERVICES Role in the Development of Public Key Infrastructure

SSH Communications Security was one of the early pioneers in PKI. We participated in the standardization work for X.509v3 and proposed an alternative approach called Simple Public Key Infrastructure (SPKI) to address some of the trust issues with the X.509 standard. We wrote some of the standards documents on certificate enrollment protocols. We were also selling an advanced certificate authority product called SSH Certifier from 2001 onwards. Among other things, it pioneered support for multiple certificate authorities and multiple registration authorities in the same system and using customizable policy rules for choosing the certificate authority to obtain a certificate from. For more information, see 

Electronic vs digital signatures

Electronic signatures, Digital signatures, e-sign, e-signature… There are many names for digital signatures, and our digital signature software SignServer Enterprise enables them all. Server side digital signatures give maximum control and security, allowing your staff and applications to conveniently sign code, digital documents and PDFs. SignServer Enterprise comes as our turn-key SignServer Appliance, Server Cloud Signing or as flexible software, described below.

This is our digital signature software

SignServer Enterprise is a server-side digital signature software, based on PKI signing used to sign any digital document. Use SignServer Enterprise to sign code, PDFs, ePassports, and more.

  • A digital signature software with high performance and high availability.
  • Operates on behalf of business applications.
  • Designed to perform automated signatures (and other cryptographic)
  • Operations on digital documents).
  • Sign Server Enterprise is easy to adapt to customer specific needs by using plug-ins.

Time stamp authority

To generate digitally signed time stamps Sign Server Enterprise can be used as the time stamp unit within a Time Stamp Authority (TSA). Offering both RFC 3161 and MS Authenticode time-stamps, Sign Server Enterprise includes monitoring of time synchronization compliant with the strictest regulations.

Time stamps are normally used together with eSignatures to provide proof that a document existed before a certain time, and can also be used together with advanced signatures to ensure long-term validation of archives.

Signing PDFs with our digital signature software

The PDF signer in our digital signature software Sign Server Enterprise adds server generated digital document signatures to any received PDF. Thanks to PKI signing and a flexible authorization system you can easily control who is allowed to sign documents, and the PDF signer is ideal for organizationally authenticated documents such as receipts, invoices, regulatory documents and supports long term archival

Code Signing with Sign Server Enterprise

Most code sign needs are fulfilled by Sign Server Enterprise, offering the capability to sign different types of code, such as Windows executables, Java applications/libraries, Android applications, firmware for hardware devices, drivers and apps. Different code signing needs are served by different signers:

  • MS Authenticode (for Windows code signing)
  • JAR signing (For Java and Android code signing)
  • CMS/PKCS#7

Plain signature

Signing ePassports with our digital signature software

SignServer Enterprise comes with a built-in plug-in for Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) signing. MRTD is implemented worldwide within electronic passports mandated SignServer Enterprise is used both for MRTD signing and for CSCA master list signing