Our Data Center & Edge IT Solutions

Data Center has become more powerful than ever today and businesses are highly dependent on the components of a DC viz. business critical applications, Server – Storage – Virtualization with real-time back up to have best in class security solutions. The speed of change in the data center due to virtualization has been unprecedented

With the Data Center and Edge IT solution, Iinfrasol Services  ensures that we are relevant to customers for all their IT needs in Data Center, Networking and Security requirements through effective, holistic and flexible solutions using updated technologies. The objective of CXO from their DC/DR/NDR is – Availability of information round the clock with limited hardware footprint, less OpEx and ease of operations. In this solution, Iinfrasol Services understands the customer’s requirements and then architect’s solutions meeting their business needs from an IT infrastructure and integration services perspective.

DC is about application availability through integration of devices, securing end to end delivery of information and managing them against known / unknown vulnerabilities. Iinfrasol Services  with its global exposure of providing best-in class solutions across varied industries ensures smooth project execution delivered by its skilled and certified technology experts.

Every industry vertical requires different solutions for their business; for example – advent of IoT and smart manufacturing demands that a manufacturing plant be seamlessly covered with WLAN access to enable smart equipment’s / sensors to share relevant information to the command and control center for real-time tracking.


Two main aspects of today’s business communication infrastructure scenario are the fast-changing world of enterprise communication and an ever growing dependency on connectivity for smooth running of business compounded with high demand of reliable and predictable bandwidth. While MPLS continues to be a reliable and scalable architecture that serves the purpose, newer applications, cloud and hybrid-infra push for more and more enterprise grade Internet and WAN circuit requirements. Further, establishing / provisioning of any enterprise-grade WAN is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process which many a times doesn’t complement business and productivity needs. Iinfrasol Services’s Software Defined Networking approach specifically for the WAN, i.e., Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) addresses some of the above challenges faced by a traditional WAN set up.


Mobility is the mantra of today – be it for personal access to the internet via all kinds of devices or accessing corporate information on personal devices. Employees roaming within office premises or campuses need seamless WLAN connectivity to network. Corporate sensitive information is accessed through personnel devices beyond office boundaries and that calls for robust security measures. IT Ops team should be able to observe a device, OS used to access information and the information accessed. Earlier, enterprise WLAN traffic was expected to be primarily data but with huge proliferation of video content along with many newer types of applications in organizations, traffic has created immense pressure on both the WLAN and underlying wired communication set up. Corporate traffic can now be a video datasheet, eDMs, video collaboration, multi-channel collaboration clubbed with cloud-based app-driven contents

Iinfrasol Services partners with clients to review this existing infrastructure for its readiness to rollout next-gen mobility and help with pre-rollout site survey, designing and post rollout survey along with testing to ensure desired and predictable performance of the infrastructure and network in a secure way.