Solving your new generation challenges of Contact Center technologies is what we specialize in. With experience including small captive establishment, large outsourcing centers, BPOs and KPOs, we understand the various technological and operational requirements running a contact center.

Iinfrasol Services has fostered strategic partnerships with most contact center technology OEMs and is able to offer best-in-breed solutions. With our knowledge, skill, and experience we are able to stitch together various components to offer a seamless experience to your end-customers

We help our customers deliver world-class services around:

  • Voice – inbound/outbound
  • Self-service solutions
  • Multimedia management
  • Video based contact centers
  • CRM integrations
  • Social media integration
  • Quality/compliance solutions
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Back office automation
  • Packaged applications
  • Work force optimization solutions
  • Iinfrasol Services  professional services for custom requirements

With our global footprint, we help you grow across geographical boundaries by setting up robust and resilient voice and data networks across the globe. Adopt new technologies, and create integration frameworks for your various applications across your networks with Iinfrasol to build best in-class contact centers.

Multimedia Integration

Iinfrasol Services   is a leading solutions integrator in enterprise communication having significance presence across. We differentiate ourselves by providing industry specific solutions to customers that enhance their business performance. Iinfrasol Services believes in experiential selling.

When you choose Iinfrasol to design, plan, implement, and support your AV solution, you will experience the true advantage technology can bring to your organization, whatever vertical you may be in.Our services include:

AV practice is a specialized technology that allows the user to interact with technology. We deliver products in line with your interior concept, and we make sure that your organization has installations that cater to future technology with a feature of

Adaptability. We have dedicated AV professionals with over Multiple clients and we offer them Esteem customer support.

  • User analysis and design
  • Network analysis and design
  • Audio visual integration for meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor areas, training rooms, boardrooms, war rooms, information sharing display, user and guest entertainment, video conferencing rooms, tele-presence and control rooms
  • Video conferencing infrastructure deployment
  • Best practices, policies, and procedures consultation
  • Network and end user management
  • Infrastructure management
  • A Managed Services which provides “service in the cloud” for customers who want to completely outsource the management of their video conferencing solution
  • Network and end point monitoring, call scheduling and launching

Iinfrasol Services  believes in experiential selling through integration to deliver the true advantage technology can bring to your organization


Iinfrasol Services enables employees with the tools they need to set up a collaborative environment and in offering training so they can benefit from these capabilities. In the collaboration space, Iinfrasol Services offers video conferencing solutions from industry leading technologies – Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize. Our advanced Videoconferencing solutions help you efficiently overcome geographical boundaries, enable communication between disparate business units, enhance productivity, and deliver a competitive advantage.

We create a collaborative environment that removes geographical boundaries, enables communication, enhances productivity and delivers collaboration as a competitive advantage. With the objective of ‘Accelerating Business’ for the end client, Iinfrasol Services  Networks looks at corporate collaboration with a futuristic perspective. At Iinfrasol Services, Video is a logical extension of Voice where Video is the new Voice of tomorrow. With an extensive experience in IP and Converged communications at the core, Iinfrasol Services enables delivery of collaboration solutions by managing the overall experience from an integration viewpoint