In Computer terminology a honey pot is a computer security mechanism set to detect or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of Information systems,generally a honey pot consists of data ,for example,in a network site,that appears to be a legitimate part of the site that seems to contain information or resource of value to attackers but actually is isolated and monitored and,enables blocking or analyzing the attackers,it has several way attract the attackers if they try to sneeze specially for Bank for finance translation & on-line scam or Manufacturing Research division of any data try to steal the valuable research information ,

The Attackers in Information Technology it may be competitor / enemy any other way the,protecting the data reaching to wrong person,today world data is every thing be it private company or a any Respective Government,it should never reach the unwanted person out of the autonomy

lay man word we can say it is like catching the danger animals in net,if we deploy the honey pot in any above mentioned organizations the attacker will get full information not official information but honey pot data which is only to attract the attackers like sweet for crooks,

Honey pot is the best way to protect the valuable Official Information’s,

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